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Thirty days in jail for stealing eleven guns? Talk about a slap on the wrist!

***DISCLAIMER*** I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF BANGOR DAILY NEWS.  THE OPINIONS IN THE FOLLOWING BLOG ARE MINE. So this guy from Newport, and his 17 year old son swipe 11 guns from a home in Franklin County last November, along with ammo, and some other stuff. He gets caught when he hocks one of the […]

Better lay in supplies! Joaquin is now a hurricane!

Did you get over to The Hannafid’s to get your bread, milk, water and batteries??? You best get a move on mister! First we had that tropical storm Wakeen everybody was talking about coming at us for Saturday, and now it looks like there is a hurricane by the name of Joaquin headed for us […]

Memories of hunting with a dog named Sierra – “The Duck Call”

I got up at 6:00 am yesterday morning, and apparently there was some truth after all to the blood moon heralding in the “END OF TIMES!!!”  because there was the sound of non stop gunfire coming from the direction of Newport…either that, or it was the opening day of duck hunting season, 2015, and the […]

Got some extra apples? Try my roast pork stew!

Every time fall rolls around I start to get the hankering for soups and stews. At one point I was pretty sure my beef stew was the best you could get. Then one year when I was in Alaska, I made baked stuffed rabbit with apple dressing, for a bunch of my friends. We had […]

OUCH!!! Did that house fly just bite me?

The flies of autumn are upon us!  As the weather gets cooler, the flies want to be inside, where the temperatures are steadier and warmer. In the evening, if there has been an opportunity to enter your home, you will find them crawling around on TV screens, and buzzing around lamps. They also seem to […]

A feast of apples a day keeps the goats at bay!

For the time being the goats have lost their obsession with chicken feed when they are out of the pen to graze. Now they are obsessed with apples! Down in the area that once was, and one day will be again, my shade garden, there is an old apple tree. I don’t know what kind […]

Monday mornings are ‘A-OK!’ around here!

I don’t see what the big deal about Monday is! In this house, it is the day when things run the smoothest! This morning the alarm went off at 6:00. I woke refreshed! (That may have been due to the fact that last night was almost freezing cold, and I was warm and toasty!) I […]

Goats launch chemical attack on Stetson man

Late Saturday afternoon a Stetson man was attacked by a group of goats, as he over saw their grazing activities. The three goats had been feeding on weeds, grasses, and fallen apples in an over grown section of a Stetson property when the attack occurred. Complete details are unclear at the moment, but it appears […]

A public request for answers from Mulian Smith

Mrs. Smith, After the recent Bangor Daily News Article, “Skowhegan coach’s ‘scalp towel’ Facebook post rekindles mascot debate”  ( you and I have discussed Coach York, and his facebook post for a couple of days. Many people have weighed in on both sides, and a few people have taken to insults, and name calling. This […]

Maulian Dana Smith posted a potentially offensive picture too

DISCLAIMER:  I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF BANGOR DAILY NEWS.  I AM SPEAKING MY MIND FROM BLOG SPACE PROVIDED TO ME BY BDN.  THE FOLLOWING IS MY OWN OPINION I promised myself I wouldn’t get caught up in this a couple of weeks ago when one of my facebook friends called out coach Rick York […]