“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and a link to 9/11


I was watching ‘Deep Space Nine’ on Netflix last night, Friday September 11. That wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I watch an episode or two every day. Netflix is cheaper than satellite, and we don’t get cable in the woods.

Three minutes into the episode I was watching, things DID get a bit weird. There had been an explosion on Earth that had killed 27 people, and it was an act of terrorism. The senior staff is watching a video of the event.  Mr Worf instructs the computer to begin playback at index “five nine eleven”. I thought out loud. “WOW! That’s kind of creepy!” Here it was September 11, and I was randomly watching an old TV show that had a terrorist explosion that also happened with a 9/11 in it.

I didn’t really give it much thought after that as I watched the rest of the episode. But later things started falling into play that reminded me more and more about how life in the United States changed after 9/11/2001.

By now, the real ‘Trekkies’ out there know the episode I am referring to…Actually it is two episodes, “Homefront” and “Paradise Lost”. I began to recall hearing about a TV show somewhere that blatantly mirrored 9/11 and all the laws around it as a way to show Americans how easily we are convinced to voluntarily give up our rights, and prepare for war.

In the episode, mandatory blood tests are given to the families of all Starfleet officers, belongings are checked, and armed Starfleet officers are posted in cities and towns all over the world.

There is a lot more to it that I wont get into so I don’t spoil it for folks who want to watch the show, and I recommend that you do. I was certain that this must have been the show I had heard about.

I got up this morning to do some reading about it. I was shocked and amazed that the air date on the episode was 1 January 1996!  After more research I never did find out what the other show I had been thinking of was.

While this happened more than five years before the real 9/11 attacks, it amazes me how the writers of the show were so in tune with how our government manipulates us. While I AM a bit of a conspiracy theorist, I wont be claiming this show was prophetic, and was leaked out so that someday people like me would make these connections.

But the fact remains, “We The People” are EASILY caught up in events, and we will react en masse. History is full of events that some call “false flag operations” designed to call the American public to action.

Events like 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and the sinking of the USS Maine drive a spike into the hearts of all Americans, and as citizens we react demanding justice.  Most of the time, we go to war.  In the case of 9/11 we also willingly gave up rights that will never be given back to us.

In the 1970’s you could jump out of a cab, make a mad sprint to the ticket booth, and get on a plane just minutes before it took off. Now after 9/11 waiting in line for hours is common, and nobody has an issue when they are frisked. Our emails and cell phone conversations are monitored by computers, and if key words are used they are flagged for review by humans to keep any eye out for terrorist activity. You can be arrested, and detained indefinitely without speaking to an attorney, if the arrest is made in the interest of Homeland Security.

I promised myself I wouldn’t jump on the 9/11 bandwagon, but seeing that episode forced the conspiracy theorist in me to speak up.

Stop letting our government play us like puppets. Use your voice! You may only be one, but so is the man or woman next to you. Together you are two. If everybody who thinks, “I’m just one person, what can I do?” spoke up at the same time we might be surprised! Almost half of us simply DO NOT VOTE! Many others vote for one of the top two candidates, feeling that it is a waste to vote for the candidate they really want because he/she doesn’t have a chance.

PAY ATTENTION. Demand your rights be respected, and vote!  I will close with an excerpt from George Orwell’s novel “1984”

“If there is hope,’ wrote Winston, ‘it lies in the proles.’

If there was hope, it MUST lie in the proles, because only there in those swarming disregarded masses, 85 per cent of the population of Oceania, could the force to destroy the Party ever be generated. The Party could not be overthrown from within. Its enemies, if it had any enemies, had no way of coming together or even of identifying one another. Even if the legendary Brotherhood existed, as just possibly it might, it was inconceivable that its members could ever assemble in larger numbers than twos and threes. Rebellion meant a look in the eyes, an inflexion of the voice, at the most, an occasional whispered word. But the proles, if only they could somehow become conscious of their own strength. would have no need to conspire. They needed only to rise up and shake themselves like a horse shaking off flies. If they chose they could blow the Party to pieces tomorrow morning. Surely sooner or later it must occur to them to do it? And yet ——! “





Doug Alley

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