Maulian Dana Smith posted a potentially offensive picture too


I promised myself I wouldn’t get caught up in this a couple of weeks ago when one of my facebook friends called out coach Rick York for posting a picture of a souvenir towel handed out to Skowhegan team members, and fans back in the 1980’s.

But at the time, Maulian Dana Smith, was furious, and was seeking action against the coach, and a member of the school board.  Now it appears she has caught the attention of the media, so I decided to toss my hat into the ring too!

I don’t know Coach York, or Ms. Smith, but I value people’s rights to post whatever they want on their own personal social media pages, as long as they do not identify themselves with public office, or local/state/federal employees.

Recently in my post,  “…/maine-state-police-…/” I called out a trooper for using his position as a trooper to insult a driver that had been stopped for safety violations. In that instance, I believe the statements made were uncalled for by a member of the Maine State Police. Had the officer posted such a thing on his own page, that would have been another issue, that I would have supported whole heartedly.

I believe coach York deserves the same right to express himself in any manner he sees fit. And I certainly hope this issue over the “scalp towel” has not caused him any issues with his job.

But I feel it is fair to point out that Ms. Smith, who on her private facebook page, has identified herself as the Human Resources Director at Penobscot Indian Nation Enterprises/Federal Program Integrators, posted a picture that many people might find offensive.

Photo courtesy of facebook

Photo courtesy of facebook

And as a Human Resources Director, she should understand that behavior like this should not be linked to the work place in any way. The photo could be considered offensive by Christians, parents, and children. It can be considered sexual harassment by people seeking the services of a Human Resources Director.

Ultimately, I respect her right to post whatever she wants to on her own page, just as I respect Coach York’s right. But I feel Ms. Smith attacking the coach for being offensive, is like the pot calling the kettle black!

By the way, if you go to my facebook page looking for offensive things, you WILL find them.  I LOVE my right to express myself!  As a matter of fact, in the about me section of facebook, I am pretty sure I promise to offend somebody at some point.

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