Monthly Archives: October 2015

The amazingly simple way to get the smell of skunk out of your home

Have you ever been sitting in the living room watching TV, only to have your eyes and nose assaulted with the smell of very close, very fresh skunk? You determine that nobody in the household has actually been sprayed, yet the overwhelming smell has filled your home. What do you do? Well out at my […]

“The Phantom Buck”…A poem for deer hunters

My mother, Beverly VanBuren wrote this poem for me back in the 1980’s when I was a young gunner. I loved it so much that memorized it, and to this day can recall it with ease, and as I recall the words, I can see the images, as if from a movie in my mind… […]

Do you really want to be free?

I wrote the following piece a year ago today. Long before I ever considered having a blog. Last year people were criticizing Kaci Hickox for refusing to quarantine herself, and everybody was up in arms about same sex marriages. This year we are all upset over school team mascots, confederate flags, STILL same sex marriages […]

If I believe my goats, its going to rain…And rain HARD!

It’s no secret that we are in for a strong storm with heavy wind, and heavy rain. But even if I hadn’t heard a weather report, I would have known that things were about to get messy around here. Earlier this afternoon I let my goats out to graze. Like always they ate like they […]

Autumn naps are a wonderful thing!

Autumn! By far my absolute favorite season! There are many, many, MANY reasons why I look forward to the end of summer! The biggest reason is the heat! You may already know, I HATE being hot! If you are cold, you can always do something about it…But if you are hot, and you are already […]

“Ring Around The Blackberries” and “Catch Me If You Can!”…Ah the games goats will play!

The goats have been pretty well-behaved since fall has arrived. Down in my shade garden, there is an old apple tree that produces little yellow apples with the perfect combination of sweet apples, and tart apples. I don’t mean that each apple has a sweet/tart flavor. I mean the apple will either be nice and […]

To “HEP!” goats properly, you need the right equipment!

The goats have been getting a little harder to round up these days, so I took a ride to the farm I had stopped at last summer, where I had bought some special goat herding equipment. When I pulled into the barnyard, a farm hand walked up and asked if he could help me. I […]

Take an annoying little brother, add an angry turtle…

When I was a kid, my younger step brother was always bugging me. It wasn’t that he wanted to hang around with his older brother, and his friends, he just REALLY wanted to bug me. If we were riding bikes over jumps, he would run out and rip the board off the block just before […]

Philadelphia freeloaders sleep peacefully, while their two year old wanders the park unsupervised.

According to a recent MSN News story a two-year old boy and his four-year old sister are in the hands of Philadelphia’s child welfare agency after the two-year old was found wandering barefoot in a park sometime Friday night. Must be this family was trying to take advantage of  the generosity of the taxpayers in “The City Of Brotherly […]

I sure wish it was warmer….Wait…NO I DON’T!

So last night got pretty chilly.  It’s 10 am and the frost is still pretty thick in my yard, even where the sun is shining.  The goats are oddly quiet.  They are still huddled in their little barn, keeping each other warm.  All three cats stayed inside last night. I logged into facebook this morning, […]