McDonald’s new all day menu is causing McMeltdowns in some franchises

On October 6, McDonald’s launched its all day breakfast menu on a national level, and according to a Business Insider report, some franchises are not happy with the new change.

They claim that product quality, ticket sales, and productivity are all suffering, and the article quotes one franchisee as saying,”Customers are abandoning us in droves because we are either too slow, or sub-par quality,”

I say give it a little more time.  The launch was only a little over a week ago.  With anything new there are bound to be some growing pains.  And honestly…How can you tell your customers are leaving “in droves” already?  Who among us has never had a crappy order, poor service, and/or a long wait time at McDonald’s, or any other fast food restaurant?

I for one am happy I can go to McDonald’s at 4pm, and order a sausage McMuffin with egg and cheese.  Will I?  I’m not sure…Perhaps?  And I suspect that many people share my opinion.  Right now it is a new thing to have breakfast at McDonald’s whenever you want.  I suspect however, that given enough time, franchises across the nation are going to see that breakfast sales will be steady on up until noon time, and then will taper back to lunch and dinner items.

After all, I believe that is what customers have been looking for all along.  The opportunity to have a McDonald’s breakfast when they have slept late, and are not ready for lunch.

I’m no expert, but I certainly have an opinion.  And in my opinion, humble or otherwise, it seems to me that the powers that call the shots behind the scenes at McDonald’s may have made a mistake with a non stop breakfast option.  Initially at least.  I think a transitional menu from 10am -1pm might have been a better first step.


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