Monthly Archives: December 2015

I thought I was bitten by a spider. Now? I’m not so sure!

So back in October? Or a long time ago anyway, I got bit by a spider. I know it was a spider, cause I squished the little bastard just after he bit me. He was a small black and disgustingly solid spider.  He kinda reminded me of a hermit crab without a shell, but he […]

I will never forget the great goat air rescue of 2015…

    We have certainly had an interesting month of December! The above average temperatures have been a blessing not only to our oil bill, but to our chicken feed bill as well! The chickens are still scratching up wet leaves, and snatching up the creepy crawlies they find underneath. The lack of snow on […]

On Peal Harbor Day, I think of Doris ‘Dorie’ MIller

Seventy-four years ago the Japanese launched an attack on Pearl Harbor. Nearly 2,500 Americans were killed, and the sneak attack was one of the key factors leading to The United States of America entering WWII. When I think of Pearl Harbor, and all of the lives lost, I often find myself thinking of Messmen Third […]

DOES the Second Ammendment say we can automatically have guns? I think not… But I’m no expert!

OK guys…Dont get mad at me…I love guns, I really do. I wish I could afford to have lots of them. I want hunting guns, and target shooting guns, and guns for home defense. BUT… 2nd Ammendment … “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the […]

Welcome to the United Socialist States of America (USSA)

That is where we are heading folks. Think about it. If the minimum wage becomes $15 an hour, will that mean that everybody else at or below $15 gets a $7.75 raise? If so, what about the folks above it?  Will they get raises? The answer is obviously no, they wont! So what does happen […]

What if that’s the last thing you ever say to me?

My son was gathering up his things to go to school.  I asked him if he had done his homework.  Turns out he hadn’t!  He promised he would do it on the bus.  I scooted out an email to his teacher letting her know that if he didn’t have his homework, I would be sending […]