DOES the Second Ammendment say we can automatically have guns? I think not… But I’m no expert!

OK guys…Dont get mad at me…I love guns, I really do. I wish I could afford to have lots of them. I want hunting guns, and target shooting guns, and guns for home defense.

BUT… 2nd Ammendment … “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

OK…So here is where you get mad at me…. If I turn 18, take my inheritance, and buy AR-15’s, Saiga 12 GAs, Rugers, and Glocks…Lets just say 50 weapons total… HOW is that “well regulated”, and am I automatically a militia because I want to be??

I’m serious. How does The Second Amendment say we can all have guns, without  background checks? (I dont want them!)

How does this say we shouldnt have training? (I got mine from my dad when I was a kid, but if that doesnt count, I had a couple days of weapons training in basic training for the USAF)

The way I read The Second Amendment says that any American wishing to join a militia has the right to do so, but they must be taught how to use weapons, and they must be capable of making intelligent choices with their weapons.

I welcome folks pointing out to me how I am mistaken, because I REALLY want to be! I don’t like government entities knowing if I am armed or not, and I don’t like a traceable paper trail leading oppressors to my door in the event of a hostile occupation of The US.

But the words in that quote tell me there is supposed to be…  UNLESS you look at it through the eyes of an expert on the English language!  THEN, it becomes VERY clear!  Pay special attention to the section of the video that begins at the 2 minute 57 second mark!

Doug Alley

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