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“Brave” fisherman reveals a secret, after successfully ridding Etna Pond of brook trout

I love fishing.  I am just not very good at it…Well…No…That’s not totally accurate… I am GREAT at fishing, it is the CATCHING that eludes me. One thing you may not be aware of, is I am NOT a fan of open water fishing.  I’m not even much of a fan in open water swimming […]

Me… “A flat out liar”???? I THINK NOT!!! My reaction to a recent critic…

  (Please be advised.  I am NOT employed by Bangor Daily News.  Bangor Daily News has provided me with blog space.  The folks at Bangor Daily News and their advertisers are not always going to see things the same way as I do.  And the same can be said about me, and the folks who […]

Know the Truth about Bloomberg’s “Gun Background Check” Law! Is this REALLY what Maine wants?

***This document was produced by Project Educate, an independent grass-roots project of concerned Maine citizens who want to keep our tradition of gun ownership alive and well for the next generation of Mainers. I am not paid, or reimbursed in any way for posting this document. I am a firm believer that ALL rights need […]

Battle weary fisherman, defender of local waters seeks your help, to continue the fight

THIS IS A CALL OUT TO ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE WHO LIVE, OR RECREATE ON LAKES AND PONDS IN AND AROUND STETSON, ETNA, AND NEWPORT, MAINE… As I am sure you all know, that on well near 5 occasions in 2016, I have risked life and limb to save you from THE DREADED TROUT! Most […]

Sledding…Its all fun and games…Especially when you get a face full of snow!

So on Saturday, in the middle of a snowstorm, we ventured into Brewer, and Bangor to run some errands. Recent single digit temperatures had caused a freeze up in our water pipes that turning the heat up didn’t solve. I had to get under the trailer, and that meant I had to open up the […]

The man who played the man I wanted to be when I grew up has died…Dan Haggarty (11/19/1941-01/15/2015

GRIZZLY ADAMS!  In the late 1970’s he was everything I wished I could be! A man living in the wilderness, happy to be on his own. Friends with the animals, and just to keep from going insane, he had a gnarly old prospector who popped in on him from time to time. There was nothing […]

Take a child ice fishing and build memories!

I took my son William on his first ice fishing trip out on Etna Pond. It was February 2013, and it was his first time fishing at all. (Aside from fishing in a little pool of water at a campground that was stocked with brookies, for young campers to take, when he was three.) It was […]

The adventures of thawing a furnace line

It was about 4:15 am…I was cold… Cold and in bed at that hour can mean only one thing… The water in the bottom of my oil tank had frozen… Again! Yes, I know:  Winter blend, Diesel 911, dry gas…I’ve tried it all. There are two simple solutions…First, wait till the tank is just about […]

Governor LePage…Where are his handlers???

  (WARNING!!!  The following blog will contain the opinion of an American citizen, exercising his right to free speech.  You WILL find remarks that can be seen as racist, offensive, and border on lewd.  If you think we live in a world of sunshine, rainbows, puppies, and whirled peas…MOVE on, so I don’t offend you) […]

After I gifted two fish to strangers, I was in for a big surprise!

How’s this for Karma…Monday I caught my first trout through the ice, and it was the biggest trout I ever caught. I am 46 years old. I gave it to an old lady. I figured there are more opportunities in my life to have trout. Tuesday, I caught 2 more large brook trout. A guy […]