Governor LePage…Where are his handlers???



WOW! Did he REALLY say that? Yup…yup, he really did. As my wife Jen would say, “Where are that man’s handlers?”

(WARNING!!!  The following blog will contain the opinion of an American citizen, exercising his right to free speech.  You WILL find remarks that can be seen as racist, offensive, and border on lewd.  If you think we live in a world of sunshine, rainbows, puppies, and whirled peas…MOVE on, so I don’t offend you)

OK. I am often seen defending people for exercising free speech. And I even defend our overly blunt Governor. But when Governor LePage made the statement that out-of-state drug dealers will come to Maine to sell heroin, and “half the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave”?  Yeah…Sorry Mr. LePage… You REALLY screwed the pooch on that one!

WOW! HALF the out-of-state drug dealers are knocking up girls in Maine before they go back to their home state? I gotta think that number is going to be more like 1 time out of 10 thousand. Maybe that number is high, maybe it’s low. I dunno? I’m not a member of the drug dealer scene.

And SAYING “young white girl”? OUCH! Why not simply say “sometimes they impregnate a Maine girl before they leave.”? That would be a statement that is a tad more politically correct.

I like Governor LePage…I really do. He is honest, and to the point. He is a business man from humble roots. Sometimes he gets his facts crossed, and some numbers wrong, but I don’t think it is a deliberate attempt to be deceitful.  It is refreshing to have that type of person in office. Being an overly blunt person myself, I know how easy it is to be misunderstood.

Yeah, I don’t think there is a whole lot I can say to defend him this time, and that’s sad.

But wait! I said there wasn’t “a whole lot“…That doesn’t mean I CANT defend him. First and foremost…Governor LePage did NOT say “(insert race) drug dealers!” He singled out drug dealers from New York and Connecticut. It was everybody else, (myself included) that made the jump to those drug dealers being anything but white.

As to his statement of young white girls? Statistically speaking, he has a point! Imagine you are a drug dealer. You just made the long trip to Bangor, Maine from New York. Maybe you made stops in Biddeford, Portland, Lewiston, Bath, and Augusta first.

You’ve been on the road all day, and you spent a lot of time making your deals. Your last stop in Bangor is one of your customers from Hermon, and they owe you some money…A LOT of money!

If you were closer to the border, you would just bust a cap in their skull, and get back home before anybody even knows you were here…Right? But now you are tired, maybe hungry, and your Escalade needs gas, and that junkie who owes you more than two thousand dollars, promises he can have the money by the time you are scheduled to come back.

Well…You know that the next time you come you can either have him meet you a little further south, or you can even make your rounds in reverse, so you can ice this worthless skell if he’s still not ready to pay.

And his strung out little girlfriend? She is SO FINE! You can see she is low mileage, and although she’s an addict, it has helped her maintain a SMOKIN’ hot figure, with that nice big bootie! DAMN!

So you tap the ho, and then you warn her man, and head for home the next day. You already have just about every STD there is anyway, and you got like 5 other baby mammas in other places, what’s one more?

Maine is a predominantly white state. And who in their right mind wants to get jiggy with a 47-year-old heroin addict with a house full of kids? She’s been using so long, her teeth are a distant memory, and she looks like something ready to crawl into, or has just crawled out of a casket.

Face it folks! Out of state drug dealers that knock up women in Maine are going to encounter young white girls. Plain and simple.

The problem is, in our society we can decide based on our current mood what is racist and what isn’t. Sure, its OK to say we don’t want Syrian refugees in the US, because some of them ARE terrorists with bad intentions!

And the “MEXICAN WORD OF THE DAY” memes? Well THOSE ARE FRIGGING HILARIOUS! -Unless you are an elected official, a teacher, a cop, a priest, or somebody else that is in the eye of the public…Maybe even a blogger…I KNOW I am gonna catch some crap on this one… Then you are not allowed to speak your mind, or have an opinion, even if it IS mostly accurate.



And by the way…I’ve said it before…I am NOT a paid employee of The Bangor Daily News. I am a BLOGGER!

BDN provides me with free blog space, and allows me to post whatever comes from my brain through my fingers to the keyboard. My opinions are my own, and are not encouraged/endorsed/or necessarily agreed with by anybody linked directly or otherwise with the Bangor Daily News…So if you must harass somebody because of this blog, leave BDN out of it.

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