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Recently I posted a blog about a proposed law that is likely to cause A LOT of controversy in the coming months. For me it already has!

In my blog, “Know the Truth about Bloomberg’s “Gun Background Check” Law! Is this REALLY what Maine wants?”  I shared what I thought to be a very educational outline of what the real consequences of the proposed law could be, written by members of Gun Owners of Maine

I read their outline very carefully, and I agreed with every word of it. I saw it to be a very honest breakdown of a proposal for a law that is written with some very sneaky implications.

A reader of that blog became very critical of how a section of the outline interpreted an exception that would allow legal gun owners to loan weapons to a friend without having to go through a costly (and in my not so humble opinion is a DIRECT violation of my Second Amendment RIGHT to keep and bear arms) background check, “while hunting” …That is a very important quote from the proposed law.

The article stated: “This proposed law would ban all private transfers (with very limited exceptions) in Maine, whether they be permanent or temporary. It will become against the law to loan your best friend a shotgun so he can go hunting for a weekend. If this law passes, Mainers could be sent to jail for what is legal and normal today.”

In the comments of that blog, one reader believed that statement to be a lie. He went so far as to contact the folks at Bangor Daily News, who host my blog, and tell them, ” One of your bloggers is a flat out liar!”

He went on to say, “This Man trying to Scare people into not supporting this law for whatever reason. I am bringing this to your attention to let you know this guy is damaging the integrity of your Paper.”

A LIAR who is trying to scare people? REALLY??? First of all, Bloomberg, and the people who are taking his money are the ones who are playing into people’s fears. And if you want to call somebody a liar, why not target the people who are lying by omission, or who seem to be deliberately misleading when they tell you that you will still be able to loan a weapon to a friend so he can go hunting?

Remember when I said a few lines back that “while hunting” was a very important quote from the proposed law? Think of this…

A friend, “Buddy Almylife” drops by your house on a Thursday in early November. He is headed upta camp to go after a big 12 pointer. You can’t make it, because you have work obligations.

“Buddy” wants to borrow your 30-30 because his ought-six is too big a gun for the bushes.

The cry babies that think keeping people with a history of depression...(Including that time you went to talk to a counselor because your grandmother died)… from buying guns will keep whack jobs from shooting up first graders…(You know, because the Bath School Disaster bomber killed 38 kids with explosives, while Adam Lanza killed 20 kids with guns at Sandy Hook…) have gotten their way. Now all gun transfers with certain exceptions require a background check. You heard that you can still loan a weapon to a friend for hunting…The law says so…Right?

WRONG! The law says “WHILE HUNTING” Not, “for the purpose of hunting, and all related transportation, and storage scenarios related to hunting”

Call me a liar.  Accuse me of deliberately trying to intimidate people to think like me.  Do whatever you like! I honestly don’t care what you think about me, as long as I get you thinking in the first place!

I was NOT trying to scare people, I was trying to educate them, when I posted the article written by the folks over at . They are the folks who take the time to learn, and study all laws that concern the Second Amendment, and share what they have learned with the rest of us…So we can react from KNOWLEDGE, not fear!

Because I tend to be a bit blunt, I have invited somebody from Gun Owners Of Maine to write a guest blog to more clearly define what §2014 will really mean if it passes as written.

Todd Tolhurst from Gun Owners Of Maine has agreed to help clarify things, and I look forward to sharing with you, what he has to say very soon.

In the mean time…If you have a problem with ME?  Take it up with ME! Don’t go over my head and bother people who have less time on their hands than I do. Then, if after you have dealt with me one-on-one, if you still have an issue with me have at it!

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