Conspiracy theorist’s dream proves his theory…but is actually a pretty good idea!


The idea came to me in a dream, but it made so much sense that I had to get out of bed, and get it down, to make sure I didn’t lose it.
In the dream, I was at a children’s shelter in a crappy part of a large city. I was walking through the common area of the shelter with Morgan Freeman, and we were talking about runaway children who were fleeing abusive homes. As I am sure is the case in reality, many of the children in the shelter wound up in worse situations on the street, than the ones they were running away from.

That made Morgan Freeman very angry. So angry that he was insisting that I do something about it.  I don’t know who I was in the dream, but he told me that I needed to protect these children by removing the abuser 100% of the time until the situation was sorted out. And that was where I had a problem with Mr. Freeman.

I was about to tell Mr. Freeman just why I didn’t like his idea, when my conscious mind advised me that I was asleep, and not to get the blood pressure up. I was kinda sad about that, because this dream had it stayed on track, and run its course could have made a pretty decent book, or movie…But I suppose I will settle for a blog.

You see, Mr. Freeman’s character was right. The abuser DOES need to be removed from the situation in the best interest of the child. Taking the child away obviously isn’t working. But I have a HUGE problem with taking the accused abuser away, because what if the kid is lying? Now new problems are created. The accused has been taken away. They have not been convicted in a court of law of anything. They have been removed from their home, and have been detained. Now they can’t go to work, or anything. That was when my brain kicked into overdrive.

Every day all over not only America, but the whole world, people accused of crimes are arrested, and removed for a period of time not only from society, but their jobs. Not many employers are going to put up with you missing work, because you are in jail, and can’t make bail, or because you have been arrested for not paying a fine. Now the accused has more problems than they already had to begin with. They are out of a job!

On the other side of the coin, jails are expensive to run, especially small local and county jails where people are packed in like sardines while awaiting trail, right alongside the folks who are serving time for the crimes they have been convicted of.

My solution terrifies me, because I am a conspiracy theorist, and one of those people who believe in “The Mark of The Beast” where “THEY” can monitor our every movement. Here’s the deal. The idea in my dream could REALLY work!

You get arrested for something. When that happens, guilty or innocent, you are taken off the streets. That means you are no longer able to work. Depending on how long you are away, that can cost you A LOT! Even short term; you lose money that you needed for something… Heat, lights, car payment, rent, food…You get the idea.

So how about this? In addition to local and county jails, why not have a large facility to house the accused? It would still be a jail, in that you wont be meeting the gang for poker on Friday, you just get to go to work or school. Basically this would be a large dormitory where people who don’t have a legitimate reason to be away from the facility will remain, until a legitimate reason presents itself. Keep them away from the people they are accused of assaulting, robbing, stalking etc. But fit them with a device that monitors their exact location when they are away from the facility so that they may still meet obligations for work, or are still able to keep other important commitments. Again, in this situation, people are only accused. They have NOT been convicted of ANYTHING. They are simply waiting for their day in court, and cannot afford bail*.
*(This could even be in lieu of bail! Fit them with the device and set them free! This allows the innocent people (don’t forget, we are SUPPOSED to be innocent until proven guilty) to continue on with other important aspects of their lives, so they don’t miss out on weddings, funerals, or schooling while waiting for their day in court.)
If the accused is detained for assault, and the victim is afraid? Give them the option of being fitted with a device that is tuned in to the accused’s device, which alerts authorities when the two devices reach a certain distance from each other.
If the accused fails to check in after work, they forfeit their ability to conduct daily business, and get sent to local, and county jails with the folks who belong locked up, because they have now provided further evidence that there might be some validity to the accusations that have been brought against them.
This goes against the very fiber of my being. I mean, sure, this allows a person that was arrested for not paying his/her fine, to keep his/her job so they CAN pay their fine, and it helps them save money by keeping them from buying beer and cigarettes, renting movies, or going to concerts and stuff like that. But it also takes us closer to being fitted with microchips. The possibilities for this type of “jailing” are endless.
Not only could the implant be used to monitor the accused’s location, it can be used to communicate with devices like “OnStar” to shut down their vehicle. It can even get REALLY crazy, and inject the suspect with a knockout drug. (Remember? I said I was a conspiracy theorist?)
I have always believed that “THEY” want to know where we are, and what we are doing. Why? I dunno? The real question is why wouldn’t “THEY”? Marketing, security, crowd control…It’s all right there in just a tiny little device the size of a grain of rice. And this is just one more way of implementing it…But other than my “Mark of The Beast” fears…This REALLY does feel like a great solution to a very real problem!
I’m not sure it was worth me getting out of a warm bed at 2am…But there it is! If you know, or are somebody who can implement plans like these, have at it! If you are a person like me? Here’s another thing to fear! And if you are a person who makes movies, and you like my Morgan Freeman dream? Drop me a line, we can talk!

Doug Alley

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