Monthly Archives: March 2016

Keeping our children safe?

So apparently a part-time life guard employed by the Brunswick, Maine YMCA was recently arrested on child pornography charges. I don’t know the details, and that particular incident isn’t really my concern. What bothers me, is that the YMCA is supposed to be a safe place for our children to hang out on weekends, and […]

Now that spring has sprung…So have my goats…

The days are getting longer, and warmer. My goats have been sticking close to their little barn all winter, and have been content to huddle together and chew their cud. Before I get too far into things, I should point out that I have added two more goats, to the herd of three I had. […]

Ah! The joy of Daylight Savings Time!

Daylight Savings Time… The time of year that we get an extra hour of daylight! I’m not really sure how it is an EXTRA hour…and I don’t know who started this deal in the first place…I suppose I could take a few minutes to look it up, but I’m too tired! My brain INSISTS it […]

On a road less traveled I found… The Smiling Guy

There is an old country road I like to travel. The first portion of it is paved, and then a portion is gravel before returning back to pavement. As you drive along the 5 miles or so you see hay fields that often hold geese, turkeys and deer. In the fall when the leaves change […]