‘Great Fiery Orb’ seen over Maine on tuesday identified

Residents all over Maine awoke on Tuesday morning to a strange and terrifying sight in the eastern sky.

What is being described as a “large fiery orb” hung low in the east, and as the morning wore on it slowly climbed higher and higher as it traveled west.

Many people ran for shelter in caves. Others danced about smiling with arms outstretched taking in the eerie warmth that was cast down on them from the object above.

Some were concerned, because the water covering their lawns, and walkways began to dry up.

Poultry owners reported that their roosters began to crow.

In some places the grass started growing so fast you could almost see it, and there were even instances where flowers had begun to bloom.

By late afternoon it was gone, and the rains returned, soaking lawns, refilling puddles and sending roosters back to their coops.

Stunned residents returned to their homes wondering what they had just experienced.

This morning scientists have confirmed that the object was “The Sun”. The sun is a large ball of ignited gasses floating in an area known as “outer space”.

Apparently, this is not something new, scientists say that seeing the sun is common, but we have had so many clouds in recent history that people have simply forgotten about it.

I spoke to a few weather forecasters who confirmed the findings of the scientists, and they agree that the sun will shine again…

They just won’t say when, or for how long!

Doug Alley

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