Son of Bangor Dayly News bloggist wins districkt spelling bee

Since I am a farly unnown bloggist with Bangor Dayly News it stands to reezin that I have a good grasp on spelling, and oveeosly my son William picked it up, becuze he just won the RSU64 districkt spelling bee!

He compeeted last yeer to, but was elimanated after a slip of the tounge caused him to miss the leter “I” in ‘clime’…he cot himself, but I think they elimanated him becuze erlier the juges mist a mistak he made…They gave him the word ‘monkies’ and he spelt it M-O-N-K-E-Y-S…

This yeer he took my advise and sed the word, spelled it in his head, then spelled it allowed. And one by one the compitition dropped out!

I coudn’t be prowder! He gets his good looks from his muther, but he gets his inteligence from his dad!

By the way…You may notiss that todays blog has lesser misstakes in it than it tipicalee has…That is becuze I useally let my son proofreed my blogs to kind of incurage him. He dos prety good, considering he is only 12 and my reedurs dont menshun the mistaks he maks…But he is in skool at the momint, and I wanted to share the news fast becuze I am so prowd!!!

***If you wanna come see some bright kids with the power to spell compete in the Penobscot County finals, head on over to Husson University on March 3 at 1pm. District champions from grades 6-8 will compete to see who will represent their county at the state level!***

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