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Home invaders

It was 2:am and I was sleeping soundly. A noise from the kitchen startled me. I sat up and listened, and heard items falling on the floor. What the heck is going on? My wife says it is probably just one of the cats. I run through the list of things in the kitchen that […]

Lawrence Farm Equine Shelter. Giving horses a second chance.

Due to a recent incident involving an alleged drunk driver on my property, I was forced to find a new home for three of my beloved goats. Kramer, Billy, and Smeck were the stars of several of my most popular blogs. Their silly antics drove me crazy, made me laugh, frustrated me to no end, […]

A drunk driver got my goat(s)…

This is one of the most difficult posts I have ever had to share here. Due to a car accident that took place out at my place on Sunday May 15, 2016 I was forced to seek a new home for my 3 goats.   These goats belonged to a friend of mine, who promised a man […]

The “Little Farm Orchestra”

I’m sitting here on a rainy Monday morning listening to music of a rare kind. There is no real rhythm, or tune. The only beat comes from the dripping of the eaves onto the various bowls, buckets, and wooden items below, and it has no pattern you can follow. The horn section is filled with the […]

Now that spring has sprung…So have my goats…

The days are getting longer, and warmer. My goats have been sticking close to their little barn all winter, and have been content to huddle together and chew their cud. Before I get too far into things, I should point out that I have added two more goats, to the herd of three I had. […]

You can lead your chickens to grain…But you cant make them peck!

Chickens! I’ve had them since 2009, and somehow they always seem to find a way to make me scratch my head in disbelief. My chickens are free range. Their primary mission at my house is insect control. Based on some of the comments that were left by readers of past blogs concerning ticks, some of […]

If I believe my goats, its going to rain…And rain HARD!

It’s no secret that we are in for a strong storm with heavy wind, and heavy rain. But even if I hadn’t heard a weather report, I would have known that things were about to get messy around here. Earlier this afternoon I let my goats out to graze. Like always they ate like they […]

“Ring Around The Blackberries” and “Catch Me If You Can!”…Ah the games goats will play!

The goats have been pretty well-behaved since fall has arrived. Down in my shade garden, there is an old apple tree that produces little yellow apples with the perfect combination of sweet apples, and tart apples. I don’t mean that each apple has a sweet/tart flavor. I mean the apple will either be nice and […]

To “HEP!” goats properly, you need the right equipment!

The goats have been getting a little harder to round up these days, so I took a ride to the farm I had stopped at last summer, where I had bought some special goat herding equipment. When I pulled into the barnyard, a farm hand walked up and asked if he could help me. I […]

A feast of apples a day keeps the goats at bay!

For the time being the goats have lost their obsession with chicken feed when they are out of the pen to graze. Now they are obsessed with apples! Down in the area that once was, and one day will be again, my shade garden, there is an old apple tree. I don’t know what kind […]